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Please refer to the scientific studies for detailed information of the possible benefits of Resveratrol.

As a natural herbal supplement *these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The resveratrol and astral fruit are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

RevGenetics Chief Science Officer, Dr. V
(Dr. Valenzuela, Ph.D.) Now brings his expertise and insight regarding news and studies on longevity, resveratrol, Master Genes and compounds like these used in cutting edge science. We invite you to ask your doctor about these, and to continue to stay informed.
We hope Dr. V's insight into the latest studies and information will be helpful, informative, and most interesting for you and your physician.
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The Summary Of News:

Introducing Our New Chief Science Officer
A personal message from Dr. V.

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Hector Valenzuela the new Chief Science Officer at RevGenetics. I am truly happy to join the RevGenetics family and excited to promote health and well being through better diet and supplemented with our products at RevGenetics.

For the past 15 years my educational background and research has revolved around the area of human aging. I earned my Ph.D. at UCLA studying the age-related changes of the immune system. During my graduate training, I became fascinated with the complexities of the field, and have remained professionally involved in this research area, with multiple publications in the field of immunological aging. In addition to my position at RevGenetics, I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Biology Department of Whittier College and also have a visiting Scholar’s Appointment in the Department of Pathology at UCLA. Besides research on aging, I have also been involved with teaching multiple aging courses both at UCLA (as a lecturer) and at Whittier College to both upper and lower division undergraduates.

My contributions to RevGenetics will revolve around my expertise in the field of aging. We believe in the importance of keeping our customers well informed about how our body ages and what diet supplements can do for our health. As the new science officer it is my hope that I can continue providing information to all our customers about the latest breakthrough in the scientific literature relating to longevity and our health products. 


Hector Valenzuela, Ph.D. (Dr. V.)
Chief Science Officer

Nitro-MX: Uses Dual Resveratrol Molecules
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The Nitro-MX is a new product formulated for 18 to 35 year olds who are in the prime of their lives and who are naturally healthy, but know that they will need to maintain their body from early on to help limit the ravages of aging. 

The Nitro-MX provides the benefit of Micronized Resveratrol's high absorption along with the benefit of our new longer lasting Resveratrol Precursor Technology that is believed to continue to maintain Trans-Resveratrol in your body beyond the first-pass metabolism process that usually destroys normal Trans-Resveratrol. This breakthrough formulation is not found anywhere else. It is the only 100 mg formulated capsule that RevGenetics has approved to support great skin condition, good cellular health and fast recovery. It also contains High Absorption BioCurcumin® (7x Absorption of Standardized Curcumin) and High Absorption Quercetin, both of which create a high anti-oxidant synergy with resveratrol according to independent university studies.

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Now For The News We Really Care About..

Telomere News
Some news regarding Telomere health and its effects
In the following study (Mech Ageing Dev. 2010 Apr 23) investigator set out to determine if over-expressing (upregulating) the telomerase activity while simultaneously adding an antioxidants treatment would cause vascular endothelial cells (the cells that cover the inner layers of your heart and blood vessels) to delay telomere shortening. The two major findings were that telomeres were indeed longer in length and the epithelial cells were able to grow more than the untreated control cells. The added ability for epithelial cell growth would come in handy in delaying the appearance of atherosclerosis in our cardiovascular system.

New Technology:
Traditionally, the telomere length of a population of cells has been measured using a technique called a southern blot. Years later another technique called Flow-FISH was developed that uses a flow cytometer instrument to measure telomeres length on individual cells with specific surface proteins. So we have gone from being able to measure telomere length of cell populations to individual cells. Although this is remarkable it is still an average telomere length that is being measured since our chromosomes come in different sizes and lengths. In the following research article, investigators utilized a new method of telomere length analysis, Universal STELA, which allows for the researcher to investigate the relationship between senescence and the load of short telomeres (Aging Cell. 2010 Mar 13). This new technique will finally shed some light into questions of whether if takes only one short telomere or a group of short telomeres within a cell to cause cellular senescence. Stay tune.

Other interesting news
There are many mechanisms that have been discovered that can regulate telomere shortening. So it is no surprise that links between many genetic diseases associated with accelerated aging also involve accelerated telomere shortening by various mechanisms. A group of investigators set out to screen thousands of individuals and compare those that had shorter telomere lengths in their leukocytes (i.e. white blood cell) in order to see if they had anything in common (Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010 Apr 26). The investigators appear to have found a region within the DNA named OBFC1 that appears to be involved somehow with telomere shortening. Further investigation will be needed but this finding opens the possibilities for new areas of research that furthers the field of aging.

Hector Valenzuela, Ph.D. (Dr. V.)
Chief Science Officer

As always, please keep in mind that we are presenting this information for your consideration. In many cases the information while potentially promising, is preliminary.
Our telomere support supplement is found here (link).

Resveratrol News
Some links on interesting November studies
The latest in the scientific community news for Resveratrol:

The effects that resveratrol has on the immune system remains to be explored. However, it is clear that resveratrol has a very strong anti-inflammatory response that may be based on inhibiting cell growth or activation. In the following study, investigators studied resveratrol as a method of inducing apoptosis (cell death) to treat acute myeloid leukemia cells (J Cancer Res Clin Oncol. 2010 Apr 18.). The investigators demonstrated that treating myeloid leukemia cells with resveratrol alone could kill the cancer cells. However, mixing resveratrol with another molecule, ceramides (that can also kill the cancer cells), gave rise to an exponential rate of death (rather than just an additive effect) on the leukemic cells. This study opens the doors to the possibility of using resveratrol in combination with other chemotherapeutical may help improve cancer treatment outcome. This study also shows for the first time that resveratrol induces higher levels of cell death through an increase in ceramide levels within cells.

Several theories have been proposed that attempt to explain how aging develops. A very popular theory has been the free radical theory of aging. This theory proposes that by-products of our normal metabolism are the Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), that as their name implies can react and mutate proteins and DNA, and the accumulation of ROS within our cells causes aging. In a recent study, investigators demonstrated that resveratrol (among other important findings) was shown to up-regulate the activity of glutathione peroxidase and superoxide dismutase (SOD) in liver cells (Arch Pharm Res. 2010 Apr;33(4):601-9). The function of these two enzymes is to modify and neutralize ROS and thus prevent oxidative stress. These results suggest that resveratrol could be used to treat liver damage that leads to fibrosis.

In another related article, investigators review the links between Alzheimer’s disease with oxidative stress (Expert Rev Neurother. 2010 May;10(5):729-45). This article reviews many potential antioxidants to be used against Alzheimer’s disease. Of primary interest are the roles resveratrol and curcumin play in ameliorating Alzheimer’s disease.

Finally, more naturally occurring compounds were tested for their ability to inhibit prostate cancer (Cancer Res. 2010 Apr 15;70(8):3382-90). Among the compounds tested were resveratrol, quercetin, and curcumin. Both human prostate cell lines and predisposed prostate mouse models (called TRAMP) were used to show the efficacy in preventing tumor development by treating with these compounds. The results where very promising given the fact that these compounds were “able to reduce or delay prostate cancer”. In addition, the investigators were able to show that resveratrol and curcumin worked through similar signaling pathways that inhibit the Hedgehog pathway in prostate cancer.

Hector Valenzuela, Ph.D. (Dr. V.)
Chief Science Officer

Although the studies are far from complete for humans, they may help determine new treatments for a variety of these issues sometime in the future. As always, none of our supplements should be considered to help diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease. We are just presenting this information for your consideration*.

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This Month's Customer Question:
What is MasterGene P16 for?

Answer: MasterGene P16 contains an ingredient that has shown to up-regulate the gene called "P16". In animals, P16 does the following: Mice expressing higher than normal levels of p16 show earlier cell senescence while mice (in which p16 activity is blocked) continue to repair damaged tissue efficiently but run a much higher risk of entering uncontrolled mitosis (ie. cancer). While non mutated forms of P16 reduces the risk of the cell entering uncontrolled mitosis in humans, deletions and mutations of p16 are found in a variety of cancers. We believe maintaining healthy gene function is key to supporting a long life, and this is the first supplement to consider the importance of this function.

Again our support website for questions and information is:

Wishing you good health for you and your loved ones.
Anthony Loera

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