About RevGenetics

Our Objective:

We Focus On Activating Genes Using Science And Supplements.

Who We Employ:

RevGenetics is a private supplement company located in the United States. We only employ American workers in the United States to produce and fulfill your supplement needs and use U.S. Based testing laboratories to assure purity and safety of the products innovated at RevGenetics.

Who We Are:

Anthony Loera
Founder of RevGenetics

Originally a 12 year consultant who lead projects for companies such as Merck Pharmaceuticals, Microsoft, Kaplan, and Vitas Hospice. Leads and manages the vision for RevGenetics in it's aim to combat aging through gene activation . "I have seen the toll that a loved one on hospice care, takes on a family. This company was created to find a way to help limit that experience as much as possible, for your family as well as for mine." - Anthony Loera

http://www.revgenetics.com/images/Dr-V-150.jpgDr Valenzuela, Ph.D. (Dr. V)
Scientific Researcher With UCLA Published Studies

Advisor, Professor and researcher on small molecule gene research and discovery. Has lectured in year-long team-taught courses at UCLA entitled “Frontiers of Human Aging: Biomedical, Social, and Policy Perspectives” and “Biology of Cellular Aging and Disease.” He had a postdoctoral position at UCLA through a National Institute of Health Tumor Cell Biology Fellowship. Ph.D. in Experimental Pathology, UCLA; B.S., San Diego State University. Academic PDF


RevGenetics Company:

RevGenetics, is focused exclusively on providing the highest quality small molecule ingredients that have been shown to activate anti-aging genes in independent University studies. We believe this type of focused objective will allow us to create the best products that we believe are needed to fight the effects of aging and natural degeneration. Our Strict focus has allowed us to produce products that activate P53, P16, and Telomerase genes to help you and us fight aging. We find that our focus is unique in the industry, as we are the first supplement company focusing on gene activation through small molecules found in nature, and have developed unique products for this purpose.

RevGenetics is a Limit Liability Company, formed in the State of Florida. The company took shape in 2006, and opened for business in January of 2007, with it's first product of it's kind: The first 500mg capsule of Trans-Resveratrol to be offered to the public. Since then, we have produced multiple products that have built on studies and the objectives of RevGenetics. Our current focus is the creation of our 3rd Generation Telomerase Activator as well as research on new gene activating compounds found in nature for internal and external use. Investors may contact us by email.

RevGenetics FDA Registration Number: 17922118674. We abide by all FDA rules and guidelines to provide you high quality products and information. We go above the FDA requirements and test all materials for every batch for safety here in the United States, instead of relying on laboratories or paperwork stemming from outside of the United States.

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Who We Are:

Cynthia Aviles
Customer Relations

In charge of customer relations and support. Can be contacted by email: cynthia@revgenetics.com

Erika Guillen
Accounts Manager

In charge of wholesale operations and vendor accounts: erika@revgenetics.com

Employment inquiries and resumes should be sent to Cynthia for review.